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Welcome, folks. This is my official first day of writing content for my very own personal Blog and Newsletter. I'm kind of proud about it, too, as silly as it sounds.

I've written a lot of content for the Blogs of big business, corporations, and even a large University, but I did so as a freelance writer, and I was never allowed to claim the content as the author of it. I'd signed over that right when I agreed to a flat-rate sum of money, per article, from an outsourced company created just for that purpose: to help build the brand and marketing of a company which no longer wanted to or could employ their own teams, pay them lofty salaries, and provide them with benefits.

When I agreed to write for others, it removed my own identity, ideas, writing style, and creative concepts from being attached to what I'd written. If I didn't knock it out of the ballpark on a strategy I'd devised, I could hide behind that concept as being one that I could see wasn't as s…

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